TOPBUXUS TRICHOGRAMMA - 2 cards against Box moth eggs


TOPBUXUS TRICHOGRAMMA - The biological ally in the fight against the Boxwood caterpillar

Only available for the Netherlands and Belgium

TOPBUXUS Trichogramma - parasitic wasps
Trichogramma are parasitoid micro-wasps, the female lays her eggs in those of the Boxwood moth, which destroys them and prevents the birth of caterpillars

Compatible with TOPBUXUS XenTari

TOPBUXUS Trichogramma are shipped once a week on Wednesday (free shipping) by letter post and will be delivered on Thursday or Friday. Because this is living material, it is extremely important that the cards are placed in your Boxwood as soon as possible after receipt.
TOPBUXUS Trichogramma are sent separately from any other ordered products, for this reason the purchase amount of TOPBUXUS Trichogramma is NOT included in the calculation to qualify for free shipping (of other products).
Orders placed BEFORE Monday  0:00 AM are shipped the same week on Wednesday, orders AFTER Monday 0:00 AM are shipped the following week.

Can be ordered per 2 cards sufficient for 10 meters of hedge or 20m2 or 2 boxwood topiairies.

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
2 €2.00 Up to €4.00
5 €3.00 Up to €15.00
12 €4.65 Up to €55.80

Trichogramma are micro-wasps (<1 mm) that parasitize the eggs of the Boxwood moth. The female lays her eggs in those of the pest, destroying them and thus preventing the birth of caterpillars.

Operation: parasitized eggs = avoided caterpillar damage
After leaving the cards, the adult trichograms parasitize the eggs of the boxwood moth.
From these eggs new trichograms are born which in turn can parasitize new eggs of the Boxwood moth.
TOPBUXUS TRICHOGRAMMA therefore eliminates the plague before the first damage occurs!

Use: simple and invisible
TOPBUXUS TRICHOGRAMMA are packed in cards to protect them against bad weather and other insects.
Hang the cards in the middle of your box to optimize the effect of trichograms.
The cards can be hung inside the plants so that they are not visible from outside.
Order TOPBUXUS TRICHOGRAMMA as soon as moths are active, this is easy to monitor using the TOPBUXUS moth trap. Place the cards containing the TRICHOGRAMMA in the Box plants immediately after receipt.

Application dose: place 1 card per 5 meters of hedge or 10m2 or per topiary.