How did Topbuxus start?

In 1987 Adrie van Dun and his father, Janus, proprietors of a conventional family tree nursery business, decided to branch out into Buxus. 

Branded Topbuxus, we planted 30,000 rooted Buxus Sempervirens. By 2011, we had nurtured 12.000.000 plants on 50ha in Strijbeek, The Netherlands. 

Where do all these plants go to ?

Primarily major plant import-export companies, garden retail centres and DIY garden chains.

How did we go about research? 

The key to successful growing solutions is through continuous testing.  In 2000, Topbuxus was asked to conduct field trials on behalf of the Government. We set out to evaluate the plant's intake and the action of organic and mineral fertilizers, to find soil improvers that raise the resistance of the plants but also to find ways to bath cure and prevent fungal diseases. At that time, we used the loose components of HEALTH-MIX combined with traditional fungicides in the nursery.

Box Blight

In 2008, Box Blight started to have a negative impact on the Boxwood industry. This was the trigger for us to find a way to develop a, product available for the consumer. With the University of Wageningen, we carried out numerous experiments to determine the correct dosage of different components and the frequency of treatments needed to control the fungal diseases. The resulting balance of the different ingredients was then presented in an effervescent tablet. The components have disinfectant properties and they also soften the water, which facilitates the absorption of the various components by the plant. The laboratory tests were carried out in the ideal environment for the fungus to thrive - humidity and heat, sealed in. Results showed that during the 'fungus-season' from May-November, a single treatment per month is sufficient to survive the worst "fungus weather conditions". In July 2011 the HEALTH-MIX tablet was launched.

Four years ago we decided to stop using fungicides. Unique in the world of Boxwood nurseries.

Drone video of the TOPBUXUS strategy on our test field


User-friendly AND for home&garden use.

Our complete nursery strategy is translated into products available for all Boxwood fans : Nurseries, garden designers, head gardeners, landscapers, landscape contractors, castle gardens, cemeteries, consumers,…

They all embrace the TOPBUXUS strategy.


TOPBUXUS BV grows it's Boxwood in an ecological way.    No fungicides are used in this process.    For basic Boxwood-maintenance we advise to cover the soil underneath your Boxwood with TOPBUXUS CARPET and spray your Boxwood with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX on a monthly basis from half May till half Novembre.    TOPBUXUS CARPET keeps the environment around your Boxwood hygienically clean, a coverage of a 3cm thick spread 10-20cm around your Boxwood is sufficient, for further details please see TOPBUXUS CARPET in the webshop.    TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX is a leaf fertilizer in the form of an effervescent tablet which keeps your Boxwood nice of colour and burns away fungus spores (when present), for further details please see TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX in the webshop.    As a basic fertilizer for a healthy growth without yellow leaves we advise TOPBUXUS GROW (1 dosage per plant attached in the TOPBUXUS ECO-PLANT label).    TOPBUXUS GROW is absorbed immediately by your Boxwood.    Spread on the soil 3x per year, mid-May, mid-June and mid-August, each time when the new leaves start growing.    For further details please see TOPBUXUS GROW in the webshop.    Finally your Boxwood can be threatened by caterpillar damage, you can see caterpillars under the Boxwood leaves gnawing at the plants.    In this case we advise TOPBUXUS XenTari.   TOPBUXUS XenTari is a biological insecticide which is absolutely safe for humans and other animals like bees.    TOPBUXUS XenTari solely affects caterpillars.    TOPBUXUS XenTari only needs to be used when caterpillars are present, but also has a preventive working, for further details please see TOPBUXUS XenTari in the web shop.

All payments are taken into account by TOPBUXUS Germany GmbH.