Suggested use for XenTari


Method 1:

The basic advice is based on a uniform advice that is sufficient for everyone:

Treat with each caterpillar cycle and repeat after 2 weeks.

We have 3 cycles per year so a maximum of 6 treatments per year, the cycles start on average mid-April, mid-June, mid-August.


Method 2:

If you have the possibility to check your Buxus every day or every other day, the control can be optimized.

Treat the Buxus immediately when you observe the first signs of caterpillars, this way you have the best result and you only have to treat once per cycle (ie a maximum of 3 times a year).

The advantage of the 2nd method is that you can kill all the caterpillars before they pupate so that no new moths arise that will lay eggs again.

As a result, the pressure will decrease each time, this also explains that consumers who used XenTari last fall did not have any caterpillars this spring.

They did not have eggs in their Buxus that could hibernate and therefore no caterpillars in their Buxus this spring.

Repetition is only necessary if there is a heavy downpour during a caterpillar-feeding cycle.


If you go on holiday for a few weeks, it is also advisable to treat your Buxus just before departure  to be sure, so you will not be faced with an unpleasant surprise when you get home.


This way you will not get problems with caterpillars.

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