Box Tree Caterpillar Control

TOPBUXUS has a number of products in its range with which you can easily keep the Box tree moth and Box tree caterpillar under control.

The main product in this story is TOPBUXUS Anti Rups (Anti Caterpillar).

TOPBUXUS Anti Rups is a biological insecticide that is not harmful to people and the environment. The natural enemies of the caterpillar such as parasitic wasps, bees and mites are not affected by this product. The product is also completely harmless for birds that eat or are fed the caterpillars treated with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.

TOPBUXUS Anti Rups is an organic insecticide based on the Bacillus Thuringiensis strain Kurstaki. The product is sprayed on the boxwood plants and remains on it for several weeks. Caterpillars that eat from a treated boxwood leaf will stop eating within 2 hours, the product damages their digestive tract, causing them to die within 1-2 days.


When to treat with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups

The ideal time for treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups is when you observe the first caterpillars in your boxwood. If treatments are performed at the right time, only 3 treatments per season are necessary to keep the box tree caterpillar under control: one treatment for each caterpillar cycle.

The first caterpillars usually appear in mid-April, but they may be slightly earlier after a mild winter. As soon as you see the first caterpillars, carry out treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups as soon as possible.

The best way to determine the other 2 treatment moments is to regularly check your box for caterpillars. As soon as you notice new caterpillars, perform a new treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.

The TOPBUXUS Box Tree Moth Trap is a practical tool to more easily predict these treatment moments. You hang this trap near your boxwood (late April / early May), the pheromone in the trap attracts male boxwood moths. When you spot the first boxwood moths in the trap, you can expect new caterpillars about 2 weeks later. As soon as you see spot thesecaterpillars, you can repeat the treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.
Note: The moth trap is intended to monitor activity of the boxwood moth. Using this trap will not prevent caterpillars from appearing in your Boxwood, treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups remains necessary to control the caterpillars.

If you are going on holiday, it is also advisable to treat your boxwood shortly before departure so that you do not get an unpleasant surprise when you return home.