Piège professionnel à pyrales du buis
Y compris les attractifs pour 1 saison

Avec notre piège à pyrales du buis vous pouvez facilement surveiller la présence de papillon de buis.

Placez un piège par 200 m2 pour une surveillance optimale.

Des recharges de phéromones sont également disponibles, cliquez ici.

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Our Professional Box moth trap comes with 2 syringes with attractants (pheromones) for the Boxwood moth, sufficient for 1 season.
Ideal for the monitoring of boxwood moths. The male moths are attracted by the pheromone and are caught in the trap. 2 Weeks after the first observation of moths, it is advised to perform treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups.
In this way you can combat the Boxwood caterpillar in a simple, effective and environmentally friendly way.

Note: you only use one syringe with attractant every 100 days!
At the start of the season (beginning of April) you divide the contents of one of the syringes over the two baskets, after which you place them in the trap.
Store the other syringe in a dark and frost-free place.
Halfway through the season (about mid-July) the first attractant has been worked out, you now distribute the contents of the 2nd syringe over the two baskets and put it back into the trap.
In this way you can monitor the Box moth for a whole season so that you can easily determine the right time to perform biological control.
This is possible in 2 ways:
- With TOPBUXUS Trichogramma you control the eggs of the Box moth: you hang a Trichogramma card in your Box plants, in this card are parasitic wasps that parasitize the eggs of the Buxus moth and destroy them.
- With TOPBUXUS Anti Rups you combat the Boxwood caterpillar: you spray the Box plants with an organic bacterium, when a Boxwood caterpillar eats from the sprayed leaves it stops eating within 1 hour, 1 or 2 days later it will perish. Use TOPBUXUS Anti Rups once at the start of the season, about mid to late April or when you observe the first caterpillars. After this you can use the moth trap to determine the right moment for treatment, 2 weeks after you observe moths in the trap you carry out a treatment with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups again.
Both products are 100% safe for humans, animals (such as bees, other useful insects and birds) and the environment.
The attractant in the trap only attracts the boxwood moth and has no influence on other useful insects. This way you ensure 100% guaranteed control against caterpillar damage in your Boxwood.


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