Trichogramma are parasitoid micro-wasps. The female lays her eggs in those of the Box Tree moth, whereby she destroys them and thus prevents caterpillars from hatching.

Compatible with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups

PLEASE NOTE: TOPBUXUS Trichogramma is not a substitute for Anti Rups, it will ensure that there are far fewer caterpillars hatched from the eggs of the Buxus moth (reduction of up to 90%) that can subsequently be destroyed with Anti Rups.

1 Order unit is 4 cards, sufficient for 20 meters Box hedge or 40m2 Box or 1 topiary

€16.49 (VAT incl.)


Because Trichogramma are living material, we keep a limited stock of this product. It is therefore very important that there is as little time as possible between the production in the factory and the final placement of the cards in your Buxus. To ensure this, we receive a fresh delivery straight from the factory every week, which we then distribute directly to our customers. If we run out of stock at the time of your order, the Trichogramma will be sent as soon as we receive a new delivery from the factory. Any other items in your order will be shipped immediately.

Application doses:
1 card per 5 meter hedge or 10m2 or per topiary. The trichogramma are micro-wasps that parasitize the eggs of the Box tree moth. They can achieve an effectiveness of up to 90%.
5000 of these mini insects are placed in a cardboard card the size of a credit card. This card (biodegradable) protects them against natural enemies and the weather. The Trichogramma are delivered to you just before they "fly out". For that reason, the cards must be placed in the Boxwood immediately upon receipt.

Timing is important:
To maximize the effectiveness of the Trichogramma, it is ideal to "monitor" the flight of the Box tree moth using a Box tree moth trap.
The method of action is the same with every Box tree moth flight: order the trichogramma right after the first moths are spotted or caught in the moth trap and place the cards in the Boxwood immediately upon receipt.
The tickets are ready for use and require no preparation. Upon receipt you only have to hang them IN the Boxwood using the integrated hook system. The card is no longer visible and can be "forgotten" since it is completely biodegradable.
To maximize efficiency, it is advisable to apply Trichogramma a second time 10-14 days after the first time.

Do the Trichogramma go on indefinitely?
NO.The little animal has 1 purpose: to find eggs from the Box tree moth to parasitize (to reproduce). The eggs of the boxwood moth serves as food for the Trichogramma's own eggs so that it can evolve into a new parasitic wasp. If the parasitic wasp no longer has eggs from the boxwood moth to parasitize, it dies without being able to reproduce and the cycle is interrupted.

Can you also use Trichogramma against the chewing caterpillars or is it a replacement for Topbuxus Anti Rups?
NO. Trichogramma are not effective against caterpillars and therefore it is not a substitute for Anti Rups. The Trichogramma will ensure that there are far fewer caterpillars hatched from the eggs of the Buxus moth (reduction to 90%). The potential surviving eggs that have evolved into caterpillars can still be treated with Anti Rups. Topbuxus Anti Rups is compatible with the Trichogramma and, as you may already know, is not toxic to bees, (young) birds, humans, mammals, etc.
PS Trichogramma are of course NOT compatible with: Broad-spectrum chemical pesticides (all-killers) based on Delta methethrin (eg Decis), lambda-cyhalothrin (eg Karate Garden) all-killers such as Decis, Spinosad, Broad-spectrum biological pesticides based on abamectin, spinosad, pyrethrum, .. Despite their biological origin, these products do not distinguish between caterpillars , Trichogramma, bees, ...

How did this "product" arise?
The effectiveness has been extensively tested in France for several years. Since this year, this type of Trichogramma is also permitted in the Netherlands and Belgium. Great Britain and other countries will follow soon.
A few years ago, France decided that consumers and gardeners should no longer use chemical pesticides. As a result of this decision, research into problems such as the Box tree moth / caterpillar has gained momentum. In fact, there are a huge number of castle gardens of national and international importance in France, with Boxwood taking a very important place.

SaveBuxus is a very strongly subsidized French study (since 2014) to solve the Boxwood caterpillar problem. Aim: to combat the boxwood caterpillar in the most ecological (without chemical pesticides) and most effective way.
The result (so far because the research is ongoing):
- Moth trap to monitor the flight of the moths and solve the question "when should I do something?"
- Trichogramma to destroy the eggs of the boxwood moth
- The bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Anti Rups) to control the caterpillars.
- Attract birds that eat Boxwood caterpillars using nest boxes (compatible with Anti Rups)

Last year 175,000 units of the Trichogramma were used in France and the number is rising sharply.


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