• Biological control of the Boxwood caterpillar and Boxwood moth
  • Professional dosage
    1 sachet of 3 grams can be dissolved in 4 Litres of water, this is sufficient for 40m2 Boxwood
  • Easy to use
  • Treat all your Buxus immediately if caterpillars are observed
  • Can be mixed with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix - so you can easily and efficiently tackle both the Boxwood caterpillar and Box blight in 1 effort
  • TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® is 100% safe for humans and other animals, like bees and (young) birds which feed on the treated caterpillars.

€17.31 (VAT incl.)


TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® is the new product against the Boxwood caterpillar for the Dutch market.
TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® is a biological insecticide based on the Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki. 

Dissolve 1 sachet (3 grams) of TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® in 4 liters of water, the resulting solution is sufficient for the treatment of 40m2 of Boxwood.

Immediately treat all plants with the when caterpillars (or signs of caterpillar-damage) are observed. In case of a large pest or a lot of rainfall, repeat the treatment after 5-10 days. Perform treatment preferably only at an outside temperature of above 15 degrees Celsius. Within a few hours after treatment, the feeding of the caterpillars will stop. After 3-5 days they die and fall off the plant.


The caterpillars eat from the leaves that have been treated with TOPBUXUS Anti Rups®. The protein crystals of Bacillus Thuringiensis are broken down into toxins via enzymatic degradation in the stomach of the caterpillar. These toxins bind to and pierce receptors on the gut wall. The caterpillar is completely affected and eventually dies. Although it can take several days for the caterpillar to die, TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® is very efficient and effective. 1 to 2 hours after the caterpillar has absorbed TOPBUXUS Anti Rups®, the caterpillars stop eating, thus the damage to the boxwood also stops. Note: the caterpillars only die after they have eaten the treated leaves. Sometimes the caterpillars do not start to eat immediately, so they will not be affected immediately, but they also do not cause any damage when they’re not eating yet.


TOPBUXUS Anti Rups® is a biological product that is not harmful to humans and the environment. The natural enemies of the caterpillar such as parasitic wasps, flies, bees and mites are also not affected by the product.


Apply at a temperature from 15 ° C. As a rule, a second treatment is carried out between 1 and 2 weeks later to permanently stop the caterpillar infestation. Can be mixed with TOPBUXUS Health-Mix to conveniently treat both the Buxus caterpillar and Box blight in 1 treatment.


Always handle pesticides carefully. Always read the instructions and product information before use!

Product detains

  • Availability date:2020-12-14
  • Weight5 x 3 grams
  • Contentssufficient for 200m2 Boxwood

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