Spray your Buxus easily with our top-quality rechargeable electric sprayer.

Pumping is not necessary, you can simply start spraying right away at the push of a button!

The adjustable nozzle ensures the finest spray mist for the best results.

You can spray continuously for 3 hours with a fully charged battery.

Rechargeable via USB port. USB charging cable included.

€33.02 (VAT incl.)


Before Use: Make sure the inside of the sprayer is clean.

Fill the hand sprayer with the correct ratio of water to product.

With the push of a button, you turn on the sprayer and you can start spraying.

If desired, you can adjust the nozzle by turning it.

The display shows how much battery life you have left.

Thoroughly rinse the inside of the sprayer with water after use.

Max capacity: 2L

3 hours of battery life when fully charged

USB charging cable included

Product detains

  • Contentsmax 2L
  • Battery life3 hours

Product reviews

5 / 5

This is EXCELLENT. The sprayer is much more effective than a traditional pressure pump sprayer, and much less messy to use as the spray seemed much finer with no drips and constant pressure. Very easy to charge it up (mine had about 87% charge out of the box, and got to the full 100% in about half an hour). As the bottle empties, you need to keep the sprayer level - it does not work when tilted - but the same would be true of any sprayer when it starts to get empty. I am so glad I bought this. Makes spraying effortless and no longer a chore.

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