Boxwood maintenance

Planting Boxwood

Although Boxwood can be planted all year round, the best time to plant Boxwood is from autumn (October) to spring (April). Make sure the boxwood is planted in black soil that drains well, here it will thrive best.
Dig a planting hole for topiary shapes, or dig a trench to create a hedge.

Tip to dig a straight trench: drive 2 stakes in the ground, one where you want your hedge to start and another where you want it to end. Then tie up a piece of string between these stakes. Now dig your trench by using the piece of string as a guide.

Put the plant in the planting hole or put the plants next to each other in the trench so that the trunk is just below the ground. Dress up with the dug up soil and press down well. Now water your freshly planted Boxwood so that the plant can settle well.


Boxwood in pot

Boxwood can also be kept in a pot.

It is extra important to fertilize Boxwood in pots regularly with a special Boxwood fertilizer like TOPBUXUS Grow.

Also make sure to water them in time, especially during drier periods.

Preferably do not place potted Boxwoods in full sun.


Boxwood maintenance

As basic maintenance, we advise to cover the soil under and next to your Box plants with a layer of mulch, like TOPBUXUS CARPET.
Also spray your Box plants with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX monthly from March to November.

This way your Boxwood will be 100% guaranteed protected from Box Blight!

TOPBUXUS CARPET keeps the area around your Boxwood hygienically clean, a layer of 3cm thick underneath, and a strip of 10-20cm wide along/around your Buxus is sufficient.
This layer of CARPET keeps the soil aerated and prevents puddles of rainwater from forming. It also provides a "cushion" which prevents rainwater from splashing back up into the plants, splashing water is a common cause for fungal infections such as Box Blight.

TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX is a natural fertilizer in the form of an effervescent tablet that keeps your Box plants healthy and burns any fungus spores. The monthly application (from March to November) strengthens the plant, making it less susceptible to fungal infections such as Box Blight.