No yellow leaves in your Boxwood!

Professional product!

TOPBUXUS GROW is a fast-acting Boxwood-fertilizer which dissolves very quickly. It ensures strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

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TOPBUXUS GROW is a fast acting professional Boxwood fertilizer which ensures strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

Boxwood especially needs nutrition when it produces it’s new leaves.

This happens 3x per year: around mid-April, mid-June and mid-August. In these periods of growth the plant needs a lot of fast acting nutrition. (in contrast to the widely available slow-release, long-lasting fertilizers)

Plant tissue analysis shows that the nicest Box with the bright green foliage contains a high level of Sulphur. Air pollution control efforts have greatly reduced the amount of sulphur. As it is an essential nutrient for Boxwood, TOPBUXUS GROW contains a substantial amount of Sulphur to compensate for the shortage.

TOPBUXUS GROW is a granular fertilizer. Spread on the soil at the base of the plant. Do not spread on the plant.

Product detains

  • Weight20 kg
  • Contentssufficient for 400m2 of Boxwood

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