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TOPBUXUS Boxwood Moth Trap + Pheromones

TOPBUXUS Boxwood Moth Trap + Pheromones

  • For monitoring Boxwood Moth activity
  • Easily determine the right moment to carry out biological treatment against Boxwood Caterpillars with TOPBUXUS Anti Caterpillar
  • Includes pheromone attractants for one complete season
  • Attracts male Boxwood Moths within an area of 2,000 sqft
  • Safe for birds and bees

Available packaging sizes:

  • MOT - 1 Boxwood Moth trap inluding sufficient pheromones for 1 season
  • PHE - Pheromone refill for one season
TOPBUXUS Products are available on Amazon and in various garden centers

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228 East 45th Street RM 9E
10017, New York, United States
(718) 569-2313

Warehousing in: Dayton, NJ 08810

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