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TOPBUXUS Anti Caterpillar

Approved for Canada, Pending Registration for the USA

TOPBUXUS Anti Caterpillar

  • Biological insecticide for successful control of (Boxwood) caterpillars
  • Safe for birds and bees
  • Professional dosage
  • Conveniently packed in individual 0.1 Oz sachets for easy dosage

Available packaging sizes:

  • TAC - 0.5 Oz - 5 sachets (0.1 Oz) for 2,200 sqft of Boxwood

Information on the spreading of the Box Tree Moth in the USA and Canada

Cydalima perspectalis, commonly known as the box tree moth or box moth, is an invasive
species of moth that is native to East Asia, specifically China, Japan, and

It is known to feed on the leaves of boxwood plants, which are commonly used for hedging
and topiary in gardens and landscapes.

The box tree moth was first detected in Europe in 2007 and has since spread rapidly
throughout the continent, causing significant damage to boxwood plants.

It has also been reported in other parts of the world, including Canada and the United

In Canada, the box tree moth was first detected in Ontario in 2018. Since then, it has
been found in several other provinces, including Quebec, British Columbia, and
Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has implemented measures to control the spread
of the moth, including quarantines and the use of pheromone traps to monitor

In the United States, the box tree moth was first detected in Connecticut in 2018. It
has since spread to several other states, including New York, Massachusetts,
and Pennsylvania.

The US Department of Agriculture has also implemented measures to control the spread
of the moth, including quarantines, the use of pheromone traps, and the release
of natural predators.

The spread of the box tree moth in Canada and the United States is concerning because of
the potential impact it could have on boxwood plants, which are an important part of many gardens and landscapes.

We as TOPBUXUS are very experienced in controlling this pest. We will be offering
this organic pesticide to stop this pest from spreading.

For more questions on this pest, please contact us.

TOPBUXUS Products will become available online and in various garden centers in 2024

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